Serving Members

If you are considering leaving the Defence force or the decision has been made for you through a medical discharge, your Transition process has begun. The process itself can be eased greatly by what you do whilst still serving and Remote and Local FirstAid has compiled a checklist for you to ensure that you have “everything in one sock” before you leave

Employment after Defence

You have a skill set that is in demand. This is important to keep in the fore front of your mind as you seek employment. The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) have many great schemes to assist you, the wheel has been invented and the opportunities are out there. Find out how you can have a successful career post Defence.

Transferable Military Skills

For many of us our skill set that we learned through our time in Defence may, on the surface, seem non-transferable. However, our ability to instruct on courses, to breakdown complex problems utilising the Military Appreciation Process (MAP), to write and deliver Orders, to work as part of a team plus many more are already there and can be converted to civilian qualifications through RPL.

If you are Medically Discharged your primary skill set may have limitations on how you can implement this skill in the workplace and you may need to dig deeper to find your niche. Find out more.


The Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS) provides ADF members with assistance to help facilitate their transition to civilian employment on separation. CTAS is available to all permanent members of the ADF and those Reserve members who have rendered SERVOP C (CFTS) and meet eligibility requirements.

CTAS assistance is a condition of service and the benefits are determined by the length of qualifying service. The window of opportunity to access benefits is 12 months prior to discharge and up to 12 months post separation. Find out how to best utilise your CTAS. 

CV Development

As part of CTAS you are entitled to CV development if you qualify or are in the time frame to use it. If you are outside this window, Remote and Local FirstAid is building a network of qualified HR specialists that can assist you in developing a professional CV and cover writing techniques.


When utilising CTAS you need to be Industry clear in what qualifications you require before they will be accepted. Remote and Local FirstAid provides a full range of courses that are entry level into most areas of employment and are Nationally Accredited meeting the requirements needed to get you qualified and on your way.

Ex Serving Members

Once you step out of Defence the road ahead is often met with obstacles we are not used to dealing with. It may be hard to work out a time frame to meet your goals when dealing with Government agencies who cannot provide you with how long claims or eligibility may take before you can utilise the programs available to you. 

This can be frustrating, particularly if your Discharge was for Medical grounds and you have limitations on what career pathway you can take. Knowing that the wheels move slowly is little comfort to you and your family.

Remote and Local FirstAid is committed to providing assistance for your Transition, delivered by an ex serving ARMY SNCO that has lived the process and understands that the Oath to serve your country doesn’t end when the uniform is hung up for the last time.

DVA Work Trials

Remote and Local FirstAid Pty Ltd was founded through the ADF Transitional process. A partnership between the ex-serving Defence Member, Career Transition Management Coaching providers (CTMC) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to assist Soldiers, Sailors and Airman to reintegrate back into employment after their service in the Australian Defence Force.

In conjunction with the CTMC, cover letters were sent throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Region of NSW to all Training Companies and WHS consultants to establish a DVA sponsored Work Trial to showcase the skill set on offer and to seek an avenue into this industry.

The First Aid Training Company at Mayfield West, a national accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), provided the opportunity of a work trial and at its completion Remote and Local FirstAid Pty Ltd was born. The pathway is already there, find out how it can work for you

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